WWDC 2007 Day 1

So Monday is the big day, the day Steve takes to the stage and attempts to warp our minds to accept Apple's latest acts of genius.

I'm here at WWDC under Apple's student scholarship program. When it comes to the keynote, this means you are the lowest of the low. Students actually witnessing the Stevenote? pssh! Absolute madness! Instead we were taken to one of the overflow rooms after the keynote had started. Turns out I missed the little Mac & PC skit and the start of the games announcement. Oh well.

So, my thoughts on the keynote?

  • The new Menu Bar and Dock seem a little odd to me. I don't quite see why anyone should be that desperate to see the very last bit of their desktop picture that they're willing to sacrifice legibility. Stacks though are awesome (much better than the "piles" codename that has been bandied about in the past!); I just hope we can also somehow view regular folders on the desktop like this. The new desktop picture is really nice and, whilst I commend going to a single unified window style, I'm not sure if I like the one they've chosen yet.
  • People have been requesting a new Finder for years; the question is whether we'll actually like it. The whole improved file sharing thing is a welcome improvement, but I'm really not convinced CoverFlow is worthwhile.
  • QuickLook is brilliant; in fact so brilliant we really should have had this technology years ago! Guess it does mean that all us app developers do have to write a bunch of new code now to do it though.
  • 64 bit? I'm not really too bothered at the moment; I have no apps processing anywhere near that much data. However, the new things it lets Apple do in Objective C are pretty cool though.
  • Again, Core Animation is amazing - I just worry how some developers are going to abuse it!
  • Boot Camp is also a good thing to have, but of no real use to me at the moment. I like them sticking the drivers on the Leopard install disk; very sneaky.
  • Spaces is going to be a massive boon to the way I work.
  • Webclip is some damn good technology. Hopefully it will stop the flood of utterly pointless widgets that just recreate part of a website. The Movies widget seems pretty neat, although as Dan said it looks just like the functionality that Watson had!
  • The improvements to iChat are useful; however most them seem to be just catching up to Adium and other clients, or "fun stuff" that isn't much use in practice. The thing with Steve Balmer was brilliant though.
  • I really, really want Time Machine. Just something to simplify my current backup setup and also adds the really cool new "time machine" functionality.

Then it was time to dig into the first tech sessions and then learn some of the top secret new stuff still to come in Leopard. It's pretty cool! Following the first session of the afternoon it turns out there are free snacks including cookies; this is why I'm really here!

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