WWDC 2007 Day 0

(No, I'm not being a major geek and starting counting from zero; this post is about the Sunday just before WWDC)

So I'm here at WWDC, lucky enough to have won one of Apple's Student Scholarship places. Sadly Apple are a little stingy so I have to sort my own travel and accommodation arrangements. I managed to get a flight straight to San Francisco from Heathrow and now I'm actually staying at Dan's house which is very very kind of him.

During Sunday daytime we decided to do some more of the whole tourist thing for my benefit; so Dan bundled the kids in the car and Terrence and myself set off with them to see the Golden Gate Bridge - my God it's an impressive bit of engineering! (Photos coming soon I promise.)

We then headed around to something called the Bay Model which is this incredible scale model recreation of the Bay area's waterways. The Army Corps. used to use it to predict how changes to the landscape would affect overall water flow. Of course these days it's all done on a computer simulation, but still the whole thing is very cool.

Come the evening Terrence and I attended the sfMacISV Soirée at some place I have no idea where. (Yes, I am basically lost in San Francisco just following the other guys around). Some lessons learned:

  • Beer feels really expensive when you hand over a note and get no change.

  • When Daniel Jalkut and Wolf ask you which blog/RSS feed you'd prefer to have on a desert island be very careful. You're treading a thin line.

  • BART is really hard to have a conversation on. I don't get it, the tube isn't anywhere near that loud!

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