Subversion branching and tagging with Versions

Here at Karelia, we've invested in licenses for Versions. We've found that it's great for everyday work of checking in changes and receiving updates, but slightly less obvious is the built in support for managing your subversion repository; in particular when tagging a release or creating a branch. I'm sure the majority of Versions users out there are well aware of this functionality, so feel free to ignore this post! It's mostly for the benefit of Terrence and myself to remember how.

Tagging/branching actually operates just like rearranging some folders in the Finder:

  1. From the bookmarks list, select you repository's server
  2. Start dragging the source folder. Probably the "trunk" folder, but it might be different for a more complex scenario.
  3. While holding down the Option key, drop the folder onto either the "branches" or "tags" folder.

  4. A sheet will pop up asking you for the name of the new directory. Call it whatever you fancy.

  5. A final sheet will appear allowing you to commit your changes and supply a checkin note. Fill it in as usual.
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