UI Critique: Sending e-mail

Consider the UI for sending an e-mail in Apple's e-mail application, snappily titled "Mail."

  1. Click the "New Message" button in the toolbar
  2. Write your message and enter the address details
  3. Click the "Send" button

All very straightforward. But, something I noticed today:


The "Send" and "Close" buttons (polar opposites) are right next to each other. In the case of accidentally clicking the close button when you meant to send a message this is not a problem; Mail prompts you to be sure of the action. However, imagine an e-mail you've just written but then had second thoughts about. Perhaps a snarky message to your boss. So you go to get rid of the message, but horror of horrors you hit the wrong button!

Is this bad UI design? How likely is the above scenario to happen? Hard to say.

The situation does recall to mind similar complaints when Disco first appeared on the scene. A few people complained that the "remove item" buttons were located right next to the scrollbar. (Sorry, I haven't found a link for this). Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

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