Sandvox 1.2

Oh so conveniently just in time for the Apple Design Awards, Sandvox 1.2 was released last night to the unsuspecting public.

I'm rather proud of this release since it's the first time I've had an engineering contribution in addition to the documentation (look Ma, I'm in the credits!). My task was to write two of the new pagelets in Sandvox; Amazon List and RSS Badge.

I think they're both awesome (particularly the Amazon List since it's almost its own little application), so check them out. More importantly, both are genuinely useful; I've even added an RSS Badge to the sidebar of this site to prove it!

Sandvox 1.2 also adds a whole load of other new features that I think people will really like such as setting the banner image for a site.  And the Pro users aren't left out, the new Code Injection and "Edit Raw HTML" functionality is extremely powerful.

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