Living with Twitter 4

The tweet detail view displays full conversation history, including any replies to the message. I’ve been wanting this for a long time; it’s great! I expect other clients have done this sort of thing before, but I never got round to looking at them. Either way, hopefully there’s an API so third parties don’t have to grope around piecing together the equivalent. Also, the conversation is presented in the correct chronological order — brilliant!

Switching accounts is way more fiddly. I appreciate most people have only the one account, but as someone with a company account on the side, it’s annoyingly awkward.

The Tweetie tab bar used to confuse me regularly as to where exactly I was in the app; going back to the standard one is preferable.

Direct messages are tucked away under the Me tab. I regularly fail to notice the blue glow indicating a new one. Fortunately, for all of its bugginess, a large chunk of what I used DMs for before has shifted over to iMessage. The Discover tab periodically marks itself as “unread”. I don’t give a fig for its contents, so force myself to ignore the blue glow, compounding the problem of not noticing DMs.

Search seems to work better. Placing it under the Discover tab feels a little odd to me, in spite it actually being a pretty logical choice! I miss the ability to search your timeline, even though I used it rarely. The improved — to my perception at least — general search is making up for it so far.

The use of a “grouped” style for the main table views, rather than “plain” seems an odd waste of space. There’s less content on-screen now, which for a service people scan through quickly is irritating.

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