Building the Karelia logo in Lego

Come June, since 2007, I head over to the Bay Area for WWDC. So far every year, for at least some of the trip, I've stayed with Dan's family. And each time I bring them some presents by way of thanks.

This year, in addition to my British/European gift — marzipan fruits (running short on ideas for next year, baked beans perhaps?!) — I thought I'd set a little challenge for myself. Here is Karelia's company logo:

Could I build it in Lego?

So I headed back to my parents' house and rummaged through my old Lego collection. Needless to say, it was extremely dusty, which shows in some of the photos!

After a couple hours, I had myself a pretty serviceable model. Clearly though I wasn't up to drawing full-on Lego-style instructions (those must have been quite a challenge to do in the pre-CAD days!), so what to do? I decided the best bet was to disassemble the model, taking a photo after each step.

The bricks and instructions were then handed to Lorenzo, Dan's son to assemble (he's a huge Lego fan). Lorenzo had no idea what he was building at the start, so it was great fun for me as recognition dawned on his face!

Without further ado, here's those photos as instructions. Apologies for any blurriness or other quality issues; they were simply snapped on my iPad. Click through on a photo for a larger view, including comments to guide the build on some of them.

IMG 0044IMG 0043IMG 0041IMG 0040IMG 0039IMG 0038IMG 0037IMG 0036IMG 0035IMG 0034IMG 0033IMG 0032IMG 0031IMG 0030IMG 0029IMG 0028IMG 0027IMG 0026IMG 0025

Maybe I should have a go next at some other Cocoa companies. Any suggestions?

P.S. Think the slide show's neat? It's a snap (oh gods that wasn't even an intentional Lego pun) to make one in our app Sandvox.

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