Kitchen Jenga


Kitchen Jenga is an exciting new game for all the house to enjoy. Make boring washing up a thing of the past with our easy-to-follow instructions. Come with us now, explore the game of kings! (if rather strapped for cash and so need to do the washing up themselves)

Playing pieces

You will need:

  • Game board - Any washing/draining board will do really
  • Playing pieces - A good assortment of plates, cutlery and other kitchen equipment
  • 2 or more players (generally rather resigned housemates)

Gameplay stage one

Begin by washing up as normal and placing the items upon the playing surface. However, do not attempt to then remove any of the playing pieces. Instead, players should take it in turns to do their washing up and stack it upon the previous items. This stage of the game is lost by any player committing a breakage or major slippage, or by being forced to remove an item on account of needing it for cooking. Respect can be earned by the use of elaborate stacking techniques.

Once a player has been defeated at stage one, it is time to move onto stage two.

Gameplay stage two

At this point you should have a carefully teetering tower of assorted kitchenware. Players should attempt to remove items, one at a time, as needed for food preparation. The game is lost if a player is forced to remove an item they do not need, or if they cause the stack to come tumbling down.

With stage two over normal kitchen life can resume, ready to start the Kitchen Jenga again when desired.


Kitchen Jenga has become quite the artform in my house. Here's a few examples of a tower at its peak:



Advanced gameplay

There are a few tricks available to the seasoned pro:

  • When adding to the tower, can you make it precarious enough to slip up the next player?
  • Wash up carefully - if a particular item placed on the stack could lose you the round, consider leaving it until later.
  • Plan your meal according to the tower's status. Is that grater delicately placed upon the top? Simple, make a cheesy dish tonight!
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