Envelope windows

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming programming for a short rant.

On those rare remaining occasions when you or I send a letter to somebody, we place the letter inside an envelope, write the address, attach a stamp and post it. Maybe you're particularly advanced and print out a label for the address and stick it on instead. All in all nothing special.

But when a company wishes to send me post they almost always print the address onto an item within the envelope, carefully aligned with a small window in the envelope so the postman can read the address within. I find this pretty annoying. As the receiver of such an envelope I now have this awful half-paper, half-plastic item to dispose of. Throwing it in the bin seems pretty wasteful so I'm left with having to rip the plastic windows out, bin them, and then recycle what remains of the envelope.

Why does it need to be like this? Lovefilm, for all their faults, quite cheerfully manage to print my address directly onto their packaging, making it easy to recycle. I assume someone once crunched the numbers at most other companies and decided that it was slightly cheaper to cut down the number of items needing to printed, balanced with fractionally more expensive envelopes.

I in fact complained of this to NatWest a few years ago and was told it wasn't feasible for them to send out post any other way. Oh well, I tried.

But the current state of affairs at least makes some sense. It all boils down to what's the easier way for the sender to get my address attached to their mailing. What then should I think when faced with junk mail like this?

Just … why?! Now I have an envelope which can't be easily discarded and for zero reason!

Fortunately the solution seems fairly simple. Since these letters are being delivered despite lacking an address, I reason the Royal Mail must be providing some kind of service/deal to these companies. And so I shall simply pop the spam back in a postbox and let the deal with.

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