ConnectionKit 1.2

With the release of Sandvox 1.6.1, we've taken the decision to merge our latest and greatest ConnectionKit work back on to the trunk. You can grab in-progress development from the trunk at any point. From the tags directory, you now have a choice of 1.0 (the original ConnectionKit API), 1.1 (Brian Amerige's error-handling updates), and 1.2 (improved API, used by Sandvox 1.6).

Some of the changes I've documented already:

Since the original post, I've made an important change to how connections are created. Rather than directly create a connection with a URL, you use the CKConnectionRequest/CKMutableConnectionRequest API. This functions almost identically to NSURLRequest, making connection objects pretty much immutable. So your workflow is either:

Construct URL > Build connection request > Create connection object > Start connection


Ask CKConnectionRegistry for connection object > Start connection

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